Monday 2 July 2012

Make your own Subway Sandwich

Lots of people love Subway sandwiches (at least everyone in my family does). They're delicious, healthy and you can choose the filling that you like. However, instead of driving to the restaurant and spending money on sandwiches made by someone else, go ahead and just make on your own.
Next time you crave to have a subway, believe me, it can't be more simple than making one at home and the best part is that you get to choose your own fillings - as much and as many different types of combinations as you would like. Also, its a lot more healthier, cheaper and tastes way better.
 I always lay out the different ingredients and fillings on the table and my kids absolutely love to pick and choose and fix their own individual sandwiches. 
In the end, everyone is a lot happier as each gets exactly what they want.

The long list of Ingredients
Long sandwich bread
jalapeno peppers
sliced cooked chicken
Sliced boiled eggs
Sauteed mushrooms
potato patty
corn cutlet
cheese slices
mustard sauce
honey mustard dressing
Italian dressing
mint sauce
dried oregano


To start with, buy a good quality bread of your choice. Don't buy anything that is too soft. I used store bought garlic bread from our local bakery.
Open the bread until it lays flat. 
Put the meat on the top half of the sandwich. Use pepperoni, ham, chicken or any other meat of your choice on top. 
If you are a vegetarian try instead a layer of mushrooms and/or paneer, or a grilled potato or a corn cutlet. 
Next put on top a layer of veggies - cucumber, tomato, onion, capsicum, jalapeno, lettuce or olives as per your choice.
Place on top a cheese slice cut horizontally in half. 
Next use your choice of dressing - mustard, mayonnaise, mint sauce, honey mustard, vinegar or Italian dressing. I love honey mustard and mayo.
Top it off with a bit of dried oregano.
Close the sandwich, cut it in half, and serve.
If desired, grill the sandwich for 60 seconds in the oven until the cheese is melted.
Now put your feet up and enjoy  your creation !!

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  1. Very good post giving step by step instructions with photos for making Subway Sandwich.