Monday 17 September 2012

Grilled Fish Fillets

What can be more healthy and delicious than grilled fish ? Give me fish any time of the day - may it be grilled, fried, baked, curry - fish in any form and I am just about ready to lap it all up. In addition to being quick and easy, the light lemon juice marinade in this dish keeps the flavors fresh and delicious - just the way I love it.

4 fish fillets (I used Basa fish)
For the Marinade
2 tbsp Delmonte extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp dried Rosemary
salt and pepper to taste

In a bowl mix all the ingredients for the marinade together.
Add the fish fillets to the marinade making sure that all the fish pieces are well coated with it.
Cover and keep in the fridge for a couple of hours to make sure that the flavors are well infused into the fish. In case you don't have time, leave this step out and just go ahead and cook it.

Heat a non-stick pan and brush it lightly with a little oil. 

Grill the fish for 5-7 minutes on each side basting regularly with the marinade.

Once done, remove on a plate and sueeze some lemon juice on it.

Serve it hot with potato wedges and stir fried vegetables on the side.

This recipe is participating in The Delmonte Blogger recipe carnival.


  1. Mukta, why haven't you participated in the Del monte contest on Indiblogger?

  2. Thanks for asking Saru. Infact I have given in 2 dishes for the contest.

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