Saturday 18 May 2013

Chocolate and Beetroot Cake


Chocolate and Beetroot cake!! What a weird and unusual combination!! Just the very thought of eating this cake might make some of you want to turn up your noses at it. But just remember we all have been eating and relishing carrot cakes for years then why not a beet root cake? Initially, before tasting the cake, I too was quite skeptical about the taste and how it would turn out but to my utmost surprise and delight, it was delicious, rich, moist and chocolatey. The beetroot is quite subtle in flavor and you can hardly taste it with all the chocolate and cocoa in the cake and topped with a chocolate ganache icing, its a winner all the way!!
I took a risk and made this cake for my daughter’s birthday, which was on the 25 of April, just because I wanted to try out something different. Of course, I made a fall-back 'Chocolate cake with a White Chocolate Ganache' in case of any exigencies. But thankfully, I did not have to worry on that account as my daughter loved the cake and the other cake was packed away to treat her friends at school.The best part was that my son who is extremely fussy about eating vegetables (I can literally count the vegetable he eats on the fingers of one hand!!) absolutely loved the cake. 
This is an extremely healthy and tasty option to have your kids eat this ‘super-food’ which I am sure would be otherwise difficult to make them even look at. So go ahead and try it out!! Believe me, if my child loves it, I can assure you so would yours.

4 medium beetroots, cooked
2 cups flour
100 gms castor sugar
100 gms Muscavado sugar
200 gms dark chocolate
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
50 gms cocoa powder
4 large eggs
1/2 cup oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
Salt – a pinch
Chocolate Ganache
125 gms dark chocolate
1/4 cup cream
1 tbsp butter

Preheat oven to 180C.
Grease a 9" round baking tin with a little butter and line with a butter paper.
Grate the beetroots.
Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water.
Whisk together eggs, both the sugars and oil for 3-4 minutes with a egg beater. Then add in the grated beetroots, melted chocolate and vanilla essence. Mix thoroughly.
Sift the flour, baking soda, cocoa and salt in a separate bowl. Add the sugar and oil mixture. Beat till just mixed.
Pour batter into the prepared tin.
Bake at 180C for 50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
Cool completely in the pan before turning it out.
Trim top of the cake to make the surface level.
Pour the Chocolate ganache on top

To make the Chocolate Ganache
Gently melt chocolate, cream and butter in a small bowl over hot water until the chocolate melts completely. Allow to cool and thicken before pouring over the cake.

This poem by 'Kay Theese' is dedicated to my precious daughter who will turn 18 next year and will soon spread her wings to take a flight to live her dreams. I just can't believe our little 'princess',  who brought so much joy and happiness to our life has grown up and will soon be choosing the path she wants to take in life. It sound scary whenever we think that we have to let her go, but we know she will find her way and make her dreams come alive. 
We wish her the very best that life can offer.  

 As I Watch You Grow by Kay Theese
Do you know how much you mean to me?
As you grow into what you will be.
You came from within, from just beneath my heart
it's there you'll always be though your own life will now start.
You're growing so fast it sends me awhirl, 
With misty eyes I ask, Where's my little girl?
I know sometimes to you I seem harsh and so unfair, 
But one day you will see, I taught you well because I care.
The next few years will so quickly fly, 
With laughter and joy, mixed with a few tears to cry.
As you begin your growth to womanhood, this fact you must know, 
You'll always be my source of pride, no matter where you go.
You must stand up tall and proud, within you feel no fear, 
For all you dreams and goals, sit before you very near.
With god's love in your heart and the world by its tail, 
You'll always be my winner, and victory will prevail.
Live with no regrets for misery that begets
See every day as a fresh page to write your play for the stage
You’re an actor my daughter in this grand life theatre
So rise and take a bow
It’s your day so act now!!


  1. Lovely comboo...never thought of such !!

    Do join d foodie daily quiz n win exciting prizes..

  2. Oh interesting recipe. I don't like the flavour of beetroot - so I hardly eat it although I know that it is very good for me. Maybe I should give it a shot in this version!

  3. i've been seeing recipes of chocolate beet cake and would want to try... especially bcoz i hate beets!!! urs looks lovely...

  4. Thanks Anne! This cake is actually a surprise package! Even I never imagined it would taste so good.

  5. Iam a first time visitor to this site. Never heard of beetroot in cake. Looks interesting. I will make it and get back to you.

  6. Thanks Usha for visiting my site. I would surely love to know how your cake turns out.