Friday 26 July 2013

Eggless Mango Mousse

I absolutely love this dessert and am so happy that it is going places. Recently it was featured as a part of the " Mad Mango festival" held at Fruit Forest in Sec-29, Gurgaon. This is a restaurant which promotes healthy eating and serves everything natural and fresh, right from fruit juices to fresh fruit salads, shakes, salsas, and even paninis and wraps. When I was asked to contribute a recipe for the mango festival, the first recipe that came to my mind was this Mango Mousse. At home too, whenever I am expecting guests and am not in the mood to go in for an elaborate dessert or am falling short of time, this is the dessert I always fall back on. Primarily as it is a really, really easy dessert to put together where you literally just have to throw in the ingredients together, has endless possibilities for variations, is ready in a jiffy, tastes wow and also a major factor - it is eggless, which I find is a great help as you don't have to worry about what to serve for the vegetarian guests.
In fact this was my very first post when I started my blog a year and a half back, so I am a little sentimental about it and feel its time for me to bring it under limelight again as it is such a gorgeous dessert. I have posted this recipe earlier under the title "eggless mango cheesecake", as this is what it was originally. But over the years, to keep it more healthy, I have stopped making the buttery biscuit base as I feel it leaves you feeling really heavy but if you any of you feel like making the base, just go ahead and check out my other recipe here. Without the base, I find there are greater possibilities with this dessert - apart from the fact that you can substitute any seasonal fruit in this recipe, you can use the mango mousse layered with slices of dark chocolate cake, serve it with fresh fruits, top it on a base of ginger cookies and also you can make it the ultimate stunner for your party by serving it in individual stemmed glasses topped with whipped cream and garnished with mangoes, which is 100% sure to dazzle your guests. I have forgotten the number of times I must have shared this recipe with the cooks in our unit, officers wives, friends and family and I feel happy sharing it with you all too. I myself can't thank the lady enough who shared it with me.
400 gms thick curd  (Try Amul or Mother dairy curd )
250ml Cream (I used Amul cream)
3/4 tin Condensed Milk 
3 tbsp Gelatin 
200gms Mango Puree
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 cups Chopped mango pieces (reserve a couple for topping if you like)

Sprinkle the gelatin in approx 12 Tbsp water. Leave it to set for 10 minutes. Then leave the bowl to stand over another bowl of hot water till the gelatin melts and becomes clear.
In a big bowl, mix the hung curd (no! you don't even have to beat the curd, just tip it in straight from the carton), cream, condensed milk, mango pieces and the mango puree. Stir till well mixed.
Add in the gelatin and stir till incorporated.
Next add in the lemon juice. If you want it a bit more tangier, add in another spoonful.
Leave to set in the fridge for 2-3 hours. 
Serve garnished  with whipped cream and slices of mangoes.

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