Monday 8 July 2013

Poached Eggs in Cream

I was down with a bad viral last week. It was so bad that it left me totally weak and exhausted with aches and pains in places I did not even know existed. It was even more exhausting, as my dear daughter happened to fall sick at exactly the same time as me and with hubby out of town, it was left to me to look after both of us. After a horrid four days we felt in need of some 'real' food, and the easiest thing that came to my mind was poached eggs that I had tasted at an friends house and even at that time had marvelled that something so delicious could me made so quickly. 
A few weeks back, we had gone for a Rain Dance to the Airforce Institute in Dhaula Kuan with a couple of course mates whom we have know since the last 20 years. Friendships made then have remained strong till now. Infact we all got married within a few months of each other and the good times that we shared and the memories that we built together are truly invaluable and  something that all of us cherish. Back to our rain dance, you know what happens when old buddies get together, how quickly you lose track of time and everything else. Busy chatting and dancing and giggling like 20 years old (which I am sure must be embarrassing the hell out of our kids) seeing their parents let down their hair (which they don't get to see too often) and creating an absolute riot. Before we realized, in all the laughter and masti the food got over!! Usually in organised events in institutes like this one, you have to purchase coupons and buy food from food stalls that are put up - so we were left with lots of coupons but no food and at 1:00 at night, wet and hungry we were not even sure if any place would be open and even if something was open, if they would be happy to  entertain us in our present state.
In times like these you realize how wonderful your friends are. Mona came to our rescue and very graciously offered us hot paranthas with eggs saying that we should come over to her house as her house was the closest to the institute, an offer so tempting, none of us could turn down. So shamelessly, we landed at her house at 1:00 p.m at night and along with her lovely hot paranthas, she made these amazing poached eggs which were  delicious. Mona and me go back a long way and have shared many a baking adventures together, sharing and learning a great deal from each other. 
Thanks Mona for sharing this wonderful recipe. Its been starred and put on the top of my list of 'quick, easy and delicious'. Sacchi mein, har ek friend jaroori hota hai!!
Sick and feeling like having something hearty and wholesome I immediately thought of Mona's recipe - we  needed to cheer ourselves up and these poached eggs proved to be the perfect answer for our malady. These were a breeze to make and just the thing that the doctor ordered for sick souls like us - hearty and wholesome instantly reviving some of the lost energy within us.
This recipe is not only perfect to make for a quick weekday dinner but is also good enough to serve when you have some unexpected guests over. Believe me its a real treat - something that will instantly lift up your spirits!!

7 large eggs
1/4 cup cream
1/2 cup chopped onions
1 tsp dried oregano
salt and pepper to taste

Heat cream in a heavy 10 inch frying pan. If you feel too guilty using pure cream, you can use half milk and half cream instead,

 Once the cream starts simmering, add in the chopped onions. Add in the oregano, salt and pepper.

Next, break an egg carefully in a small dish and slip it in carefully. Repeat with the remaining eggs.

Cover and cook on medium heat for 3-5 minutes.

The whites should set completely and the yolks thicken but not hard.

I love having my yolks on the softer side. 

Serve with a muffin or on a slice of bread. Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on top and enjoy!!

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