Thursday 1 August 2013

Sticky Bacon Wrapped Sausages

These sausages are wrapped in bacon and baked with sugar and spice and just about everything nice. I suggest don't attempt to make these little little devils as just one little bite and you are totally addicted to them. I had them a few weeks back at Italiano, a quaint little Italian restaurant in Nathupur, which is tucked way back in the bylanes of DLF phase 3, Gurgaon, and they have been stuck in my head ever since. I finally got a chance to have a go at making them, when a few friends dropped by for lunch last Sunday. Sweet and sticky, with a delicious flavor from the bacon, these sausages were quite a hit with our guests making me regret why didn't I make a few extras. They would have made a great snack for times when the midnight monster strikes you - a la Nigella Lawson style!!
You too go ahead and indulge yourself in this super easy recipes and don't forget to make those few extras ones.
1 packet bacon
1 packet cocktail sausages (I used the regular sausages and cut them in half)
4 Tbsp brown sugar
4 Tbsp Maple syrup

Preheat oven to 200C. 
Cut the bacon into thirds.
Line a baking tray with an aluminium foil. (Since the brown sugar glaze is sticky, lining the tin with foil makes it much easier to clean up later. I assure you your maid will thank you for doing this).
Tightly wrap a third of a bacon around one sausage and secure the end with a toothpick.
Place it seam side down onto the prepared baking tray.
Repeat with the remaining bacon and sausages.
Drizzle maple syrup over the sausages making sure that each sausage is evenly covered.
Sprinkle brown sugar over the sausages.
Bake them for about 35-40 minutes till the sausages are golden brown and the bacon is crisped.
Cool for 4-5 minutes before diving into this sticky heaven!!

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