Tuesday 18 March 2014

Sushi on a Roll - International Sushi Training Workshop At WelcomHotel Sheraton, Saket

Its not everyday  that  you  get the opportunity to watch the World’s best Sushi Chefs  in action and get to sample their master creations.
Huge Sushi fan that I am, I was lucky to receive an invitation to be a part of the International Sushi Training Workshop conducted on March 11th by JETRO & IFCA along with the accredited All Japan Sushi Association and WACS accredited Train the Trainer Programme at WelcomHotel Sheraton, Saket New Delhi. At the workshop Masterchefs  Masayoshi Kazato – Executive Director, All Japan Sushi Association and Mr. Hirotoshi Ogawa - Director General, All Japan Sushi Association shared some exquisite Sushi making techniques with the chefs of the Sheraton Hotel.

Chef Masayoshi Kazato is a global Sushi ambassador, who has visited over 30 countries in Europe, Asia and North and South America, to instruct local chefs and keen amateurs alike on the core techniques of making safe, delicious and authentic sushi at events, seminars and workshops. Here too, the workshop was  held with the same aims in mind.

The workshop began with Mr. Hidehiro Ishiura, Director General - JETRO Chennai addressing the audience. He spoke about how Sushi was slowly gaining huge popularity and how throughout the world there was an explosion of restaurants offering sushi.
The main idea behind the workshop was to create awareness amongst the chefs about the importance of proper hygiene maintenance, selection of the right ingredients and seasonings and correct preparation skills while making sushi.
Watching Chef Masayoshi Kazato at work almost made one dizzy. Watching him make sushi, you were left awestruck at how quickly his hands were moving (almost non-stop like a machine) and how effortless he was making the whole process look. I was told that he can make an amazing 15-20 sushis in a minute. Incredible isn’t it? 
Chef Kazato showed us how before making sushi he dips his hands in vinegar. This ensures that all bacterias are killed which is extremely important as one has to be careful while handling raw fish. 
The skills and experience of the chefs were apparent while tasting the different variety of Sushis placed before us. They were exquisite both in taste and presentation, a complete work of art. The quality of the fish was apparent in the first bite itself. The sushis were incredibly fresh and mild in taste and accompanied with a dash of wasabi to give you a complete explosion of flavours. The innovativeness in both the creation and the perfection of flavors can no doubt, only be achieved by one who is highly skilled and experienced in this field. 
I think it is an excellent initiative taken by JETRO & IFCA where the participants get to exchange their culinary styles and practices, to learn each others cuisines to maintain the authenticity in taste as far as possible. 
What better way to learn than from the masters themselves!!


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  1. I love sushi! Looking at the pics I'm craving for some now!