Friday 9 May 2014

Le Meridien Delhi Launches 'Sparkling' Apertif Cocktail Program

Le Meredien Delhi recently unveiled its ‘Sparkling’ Apertif Cocktail program in partnership with a 24-hour curated soundtrack by French Bossa Nova Band Nouvelle Vague. To mark the launch of these two programs, Le Meredien Hotels around the world held aperitif-inspired Santes (or cheers) for its guests. 
The first Sante event took place at Le Meredien Kuala Lumpur, also featuring a live performance by the French band Nouvelle Vague. Over the next 24 hours, as the sun set in each  destination, the other Le Meredien Hotels around the world too held similar Sante events.
The “sparkling’ Beverage program is designed to transform the hotel’s signature coffee bars by day to cocktail lounge at night where the guests can relax and socialize while listening to the soundtrack by Nouvelle Vague in the background, setting the tone for a perfect evening. 

During the Sante the guests experienced a variety of destination inspired cocktails and spritzers(both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Signature brand cocktails available at Le Méridien hotels worldwide include: String of Pearls, blueberry and lemon infused Grand Marnier, topped with sparkling wine and garnished with lemon peel strips and blueberries soaked in Grand Marnier; Aperol + Raspberry Spritz, Aperol and homemade raspberry and vanilla soda topped with Prosecco and garnished with a raspberry; and Peaches, Vanilla+ Prosecco, peach puree, lime juice, and homemade vanilla syrup topped with Prosecco and garnished with vanilla bean shaving. Le MéridienNew Delhiwill also feature a variety of destination inspired sparkling beverages such as Amore Sparkling, Mizzle, Paan& Perrier and Green Butterfly
As soon we entered the lounge we were greeted at the door with vodka 'shots' served in  test tubes setting the perfect mood for the evening. These 'shots' looked beautiful placed in a container which was attractively lit with colorful crystals. 
To indulge you further, there was also a Make your own Sparkling Apertif counter where you could concoct your own signature drink.
An apertif (the word comes from the Latin aperire, "to open"), is a light, most often modestly alcoholic beverage to spark the appetite without overwhelming the senses.In France, when people get together with friends over a meal, they traditionally start with an apertif, in order to open one's appetite for the rest of the meal. They are usually served with some nibbles or small bites.
Paan and Perrier,had an infusion of traditional betel leaf with Gulquand (made from rose petals). Anything with a taste of Paan, I find it difficult to resist. Cool and refreshing, this simple drink with an Indian touch was right after my heart.
Amore, was a drink with refreshing blend of black pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and  liquorice to add a zing. 
Green Butterfly had cooked mango syrup and tonic and was topped with a sweet aam papad (a fruit leather made with mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar) much to my delight. Sweet and tangy with hints of ginger and mint, this refreshing drink spelled Summer.
Ginger and Strawberry was the least favorite of my drinks. Though extremely inviting to look at, I fond it quite bland. Maybe upping the flavors a bit would have helped.
Another favorite was a drink with Peaches Vanilla and Prosecco, which had a refreshing blend of peach puree, lime juice and homemade vanilla syrup topped with Prosecco(I think it is an Italian Champagne) and garnished with vanilla bean shaving. The intense peachy flavor combined with the classic Prosecco made this inventive cocktail an absolute winner for me.
These interesting cocktails were accompanied by a variety of delicious appetizers.

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