Thursday 12 February 2015

Chicken in Citrus Herb Brine and a Honey Soy Glaze

Recently while flicking through the pages of a glossy entertainment magazine ( I think it was 'Closer'), the picture of a succulent roasted chicken grabbed my attention. I was immediately  entranced by the glossy, gorgeously moist looking picture of the luscious chicken. Nothing new it was just an age old recipe of a Roast chicken which many of you must be familiar with but with a slight twist. Reading through the recipe I found the technique quite simple and easy one to follow, something I knew I had to try out. What I really found appealing to make me want to try it was, that instead of the usual method of roasting the whole chicken, in this recipe the chicken was cut into half and placed to roast in the baking tin. 
This way, I who have always found it quite a task to carve a whole chicken, found slicing the chicken so much simpler. Also because of being cut in half, I found that the chicken got evenly browned all over, the meat was beautifully cooked inside out and that not only the outer skin but the complete chicken got a lovely flavour from the honey soy glaze.
And the best part about it is that it was so so easy to make. 
Looking at it, can you deny that it is quite a stunner?  Go ahead and try it for yourself and don't forget to let me know how it turned out for you.

1/2 cup Kikkoman Soy sauce
1/2 gallon water
1/2 cup Kosher salt
1/2 brown sugar
1 orange juiced
1 lemon juiced
3 sprigs fresh Rosemary leaves or if unavailable use 2 tbsp dried rosemary
1-2 tablespoon olive oil
to taste kosher salt and ground black pepper
1 small roasting chicken (about 5 pounds)
For the glaze
2 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon sriracha sauce
4 tbsp honey 

Combine soy sauce with water salt and brown sugar in a saucepan over medium heat and stir well till everything is dissolved. 
Remove from heat and stir in the orange and lemon juices with rosemary.
Place the frozen chicken in the brine, cover and refrigerate. Be sure to place the chicken in a seal proof dish or away from the prying hands of the kiddos as I don't want you to go through what I went through. My 'not-so-young' son accidentally tipped the covered bowl of brined chicken which was kept in the top most shelf and what happened next was a complete nightmare!! There was sticky soy brine all over - the shelves, the containers, dishes, the vegetable drawers, the chill tray everything was dripping and smelling. And it was 3:00 in the afternoon, when I had just begun to think to myself that finally my work was over and I could go lie down and get some rest. But alas!! That just wasn't what was in store for me. It took me solid two hours to have the fridge completely cleaned up inside out and you can tell by the end of it  I was a very unhappy and tired soul. 
But looking at the brighter side of things - my refrigerator had been screaming for a clean up since quite a long time!! But you please be careful!!
When ready to cook, take the chicken out of the brine.
Preheat the oven to 375F.
Place the whole chicken on a cutting board and cut the chicken right down the backbone and spread flat on a baking dish. 
Rub the skin with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Place in the oven for 50 minutes to an hour or until the internal temperature reaches to 180F.
When about 10 minutes are left combine all the glaze ingredients in a bowl.
Baste it with the glaze and turn it frequently to create a glossy crust.
Serve hot.

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